The How and When the Agency Distribution Channel Will Win the Insurance Distribution War

We’ve all read the industry publications about the rise of the Insurtechs and the legacy direct writers continuing to gain market share as they continue to commoditize all but the large and middle markets of commercial lines insurance.  Personal lines which include home, auto, life, and health insurance, along with small commercial, continue to move … Read more

Above the Law – The Realities of Insurtech

Our monkey brains guide our bodies through medieval governmental structures while manipulating the technology of the gods. This inherent tension creates endless contradictions, power struggles, and confusion in our world. There is little debate that technology rules commerce. Even governments fail to contain quantum leaps of technology. Uber famously decided to upend the taxicab industry … Read more

Hey #Insurance – Ep 50 – My Advice to “Lost” Insurance Agents

Links to the many resources mentioned: The Big I: PIA: Elevate: Agency Nation’s YouTube: (the videos from 2017 and 2018 are the best) Ryan Hanley: and The Insurance Guys Podcast: Paradiso Presents: Ryan Deed’s The Digital Broker Podcast: Kelly Donahue-Pyro’s Agency Performance Partners: Resource Pro: … Read more

Not Another 2019 Retrospective?

It is December, and every writer out there is thinking what retrospective am I going to write to tie the previous year up in a little bow?  How am I going to take the year that was, make sense of it and inspire people towards great things in the year to come? So, I ask … Read more