Laissez not Lazy

The question at the forefront for many organizations is “How do we lead millennial employees?” I am speaking to those individuals born after 1981 that have been inundated with technological advances, the accessibility of immediate gratification in response to the most off-the-wall inquiries, “Hey Alexa, what are the top 10 unusual places people have gone … Read more

How Parametric Puts Money in Your Pocket

Editor’s Note: Normally we only run articles meant for insurance professionals, but since we haven’t ran any articles on Parametric Insurance in the past we thought this one was a good intro, even though it’s written for the insurance buying public.   What’s the one thing you can’t live without? It probably took you .07 … Read more

The AI of My Dreams

I don’t know exactly how much time I spend in research, reading, and investigating what’s going on around me in the insurance world. I think you feel the same way some days. In some ways, it’s gotten harder to track what’s going on in some parts of the industry since I left my comfortable world … Read more