PIR 208 – Insurance 101 for Innovators by Paul Tetrault, Executive Director at The Insurance Library

Audio Version: http://www.buzzsprout.com/87086/5655103-pir-208-insurance-101-for-innovators-by-paul-tetrault-executive-director-at-the-insurance-library Video Version:   Show Notes: Learn about The Insurance Library and Paul Tetrault’s new book “Insurance 101 for Innovators”. Paul Tetrault: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ptetrault/ The Insurance Library: http://insurancelibrary.org/ Insurance 101 for Innovators: https://www.amazon.com/Insurance-101-Innovators-Paul-Tetrault/dp/B08GVJLS82/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=insurance+101+for+innovators&qid=1599570890&s=books&sr=1-2

PIR 197 – Interview with Nicos Vekiarides of Attestiv

Video Version:   Audio Version: http://www.buzzsprout.com/87086/3935495-pir-ep-197-interview-with-nicos-vekiarides-of-attestiv   Attestiv is an insurtech in the SIU space using blockchain to prevent insurance fraud and currently going through the Plug and Play Accelerator. Show Notes: Attestiv: https://attestiv.com/ Nicos Vekiarides: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicos-vekiarides-4574723/ Plug and Play: https://www.plugandplaytechcenter.com/

PIF 196 – The Differing Effect of Covid on Insurance and Insurtech

Video Version: Audio Version: http://www.buzzsprout.com/87086/3825929-pir-196-the-differing-effect-of-covid-on-insurance-and-insurtech   Nick Lamparelli makes a guest appearance along with Broker Brett and they chat about how covid might affect insurance and insurtech differently. Will it be the end of insurtech? Show Notes: Nick: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicklamparelli/ Brett: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brokerbrett/ and https://brokerbrett.com/ Coverager: https://coverager.com/

Pivot, Shift or Change!

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash Crisis brings both anxiety and opportunity to the forefront. It is our job as leaders to manage the stress, understand the opportunities and pivot, shift, or change to set our brands up for success in the new economy. In his monthly column for Insurance Nerds, Vancouver based employee engagement and internal brand … Read more