Why Insurance is Failing… And How to Leap The Gap

This article originally appeared on Medium and is reposted here with the author’s permission. The insurance industry provides amazing support to individuals, families, and businesses, often in their darkest times. Society truly benefits enormously from the proper running of the insurance sector. However, the benefits of insurance provide no immediate gratification to the purchaser. I … Read more

AI Drives the Auto Insurance Industry into the Future

Every industry encounters changes, and the auto insurance field is facing some doozies. Greater reliance on ride-sharing systems like Uber and Lyft mean that many young people are losing interested in owning a car, and one day soon there could be a mix of driverless and semi-autonomous vehicles sharing roads with traditional drivers. New in-car … Read more

Embracing #InsurTech : The solution for adapting to an ever changing insurance consumer

Embracing #Insurtech : The solution for adapting to an ever changing insurance consumer Today’s digital-first generation thrives in the online space. Insurance industry is evolving and striving to converse with these customers in a language that they prefer. Adopting a data-centric approach and offering new-age products and services form the premise for the insurance industry’s … Read more

Lemonade Peacocking On Firearms

“There’s a brand new talk, but it’s not very clear That people from good homes, are talking this year It’s loud and tasteless and I’ve heard it before You shout it while you’re dancing on the whole dance floor Oh bop, fashion Listen to me – don’t listen to me Talk to me – don’t talk to me … Read more