Innovation is Easy… If You Can Listen

This article originally appeared on   I’m convinced that when attempting to innovate, working with small teams is the way to get it done. I’m going to lay out a quick tactical map on how anyone can try this quickly. We often think of innovation as large changes. And some of the best innovations … Read more

Lemonade To Conduct Groundbreaking Experiment On The Insurance Deductible

On Wednesday, September 27th, I saw a tweet from Lemonade announcing their Zero Everything product for their homeowners, condo owners, and renters lines. Zero Everything is here! Say hello?to the undo button for real life. 0 deductible, 0 rate hikes, 0 worry #GoLemonade — Lemonade_Inc (@Lemonade_Inc) September 27, 2017 Article Link As I am … Read more