Profiles in Risk: E457 – Increasing Agency Processing Efficiency; Giri Laveti, CEO of Assuretrac

So much work that is being done at insurance agencies is processing work. Collecting a check from a policyholder to beat a cancellation deadline (then having to call the payment in, get an envelope, address it, stamp it and put it into the outgoing mail) Getting quote options for a producer Sending a Certificate of … Read more

Profiles in Risk: E454 – Reducing Internal Water Damage With Sensor Technology; Yaron Dycian, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at WINT Water Intelligence

Internal water claims are the 2nd (or 3rd) largest source of aggregate loss that homeowners experience after catastrophic wind/hail. It is a significant source of frustration to property owners because losses can be caused by slow, undetectable leaks that over time create the mess. The mess gets even worse for multi-story structures where water can … Read more

Profiles in Risk: E450 – From Google Product Manager To InsurTech Founder; Max Cho Co-Founder and CEO at Coverage Cat

Coverage Cat 🐈 is “the new way for personal consumer to properly insure themselves”. Max Cho, Co-Founder and CEO was a former Product Manager at Google and Two Sigma and thought there should be a better way of buying insurance based on his own poor experiences in the past (and successes he achieved in gaming … Read more

Profiles in Risk: E448 – From Conversation to Clarity; How RiskAdvisor Helps Personal Lines Insurance Agents With Guided Client Interviews To Create Seamless Single Entry Placement Processes

Tony chats with David Watson CEO and Founder at RiskAdvisor, a platform that is basically a “souped up intake form” helping personal lines agents take that conversation and simplifies it and guides it. It makes sure you collect clean, accurate data and distributes the data wherever you need it. David Watson:… RiskAdvisor:  

Profiles in Risk En Español: E4 – Jonathan Rodriguez Brun, Founder y CEO en Covery Tech

En este episodio de Profiles in Risk En Español, Tony habla con Jonathan Rodriguez Brun, Founder y CEO en Covery Tech. Covery es una increible insurtech dedicada a: Una plataforma tecnológica para la venta y servicio de seguros on-demand y embedidos en otra actividad agregando valor sumandole seguros. También se puede armar con marca blanca … Read more