Knowledge on Mute: How WFH Makes Your Company Forget What It Knows

“My cat is now my official productivity consultant. He stares disapprovingly at me whenever I take a break, which is surprisingly effective.” – Anonymous Work From Home Employee 2020 was such a remarkable and noteworthy year in history, especially for businesses and their employees. Many businesses found out that they can remain at near peak … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E491: Playing The Long Game With Technology – a Conversation with Bruce Broussard, Managing Partner of Percipience

“Show me one insurance company and I’ll show you ONE insurance company” – Former Boss Technology has changed more in the past 25 years than it has in the past 250! And most of us wouldn’t be surprised if this acceleration, accelerates! This rapid change has caused havoc in an industry such as insurance that … Read more

Making Commercial Trucking Safer With AI – A Risk & Robots Podcast Interview with Stefan Heck, CEO of Nauto

Outward focused cameras on commercial vehicles was innovative technology years ago, especially in adjudicating at-fault incidences where the liabilities can be in the millions of dollars. Nauto is reinnovating the outward focused camera with AI. By embedding AI algorithmic software within cameras economically, Nauto can help drivers avoid collisions by proactively coaching drivers on conditions … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E472: Why You Should Do A Podcast Recording For Yourself Every 5 Years – Miranda Elizabeth Joseph

For anyone that wants to see what their personal and professional development looks like, do one of these every five years. Miranda Elizabeth Joseph viewing her original podcast (Episode 131) with us Tony chats with returning Profiles in Risk guest Myranda Elizabeth Joseph. Myranda appeared on the show as a doe-eyed 23-year-old independent insurance agent … Read more

Profiles in Risk en Español: E8 – Oscar Garza, CEO en Journey Sports

Tony conversa con Oscar Garza, CEO en Journey Sports, una plataforma enfocada completamente en seguros deportivos. El producto principal es para Accidentes Personales cuando practicas deportes, incluyendo deportes más peligrosos. En México hay 8 millones de deportistas y 96% no cuenta con ningún tipo de seguro en caso de lesión y es una de las … Read more