Disruption in Insurance

This article originally published on InsNerds.com Disruption in Insurance   For any company, it’s good to be relentlessly focused on the customer: success means knowing what they want and delivering that with discipline and low prices. Or maybe not! The amazing thing about disruption theory, as defined by Clay Christensen, who coined the term in … Read more

More Data Is Not Better…Better Data Is Better – Debunking The Myth That More Data & Technology Will Obsolete Insurance

  On Billiards “If you know a set of basic parameters concerning the ball at rest, can compute the resistance of the table (quite elementary), and can gauge the strength of the impact, then it is rather easy to predict what would happen at the first hit. The second impact becomes more complicated, but possi­ble; … Read more

Examining The Investment Potential Of Purely Digital Residential Insurers

Originally published at InsNerds.com by Nick Lamparelli   Lately, I have been publishing posts related to the investment potential of various new #InsurTech startups based on a mental model that I process my hypotheses through. Briefly, for an #InsurTech startup to create significant returns for investors it must be able to create and capture significant value … Read more