#NAMICAnnual – Great Sessions about Millennials

We’ve been working hard to catch up at our day jobs after being out for CPCU Hawaii, but we were also super excited to make the most of the free pass NAMIC gave us to Connect Differently to the Annual NAMIC Convention. Overall, we are very impressed! We have been wishing CPCU had an option to watch … Read more

Insuring the Future of Personal Transportation

Auto Insurance Today For over 100 years personal auto insurance has worked in roughly the same way. Policies are written for each vehicle protecting both the vehicle and the owner in case of accident, theft or other damage. This simple system has worked well because the world of transportation remained somewhat stable. Cars are mostly owned … Read more

My 90 Days with Telematics in the Car

I’ve always been an early adopter. Here in the blog I have spent a lot of time talking about how technology might affect insurance in the future. When I moved to Atlanta and had to get a new car and new auto insurance I decided to try telematics for myself to see what it was like. … Read more

The Coming Robopocalypse of Knowledge Jobs

Deep Blue Back in 1994, Tony was learning to play chess under the tutelage of long-time Costa Rican National Champion Bernal Gonzalez. While the chess training didn’t stick, he very clearly remembers a conversation where the teacher explained that the world’s best chess playing computer wasn’t quite strong enough to be among the top 100 … Read more

The Uber of Insurance

This article was written in mid 2015 before the word “InsurTech” was adopted and is outdated now. Many of the companies featured no longer exists. It’s kept here for historical purposes.   Insurance is ripe for disruption, and given the conservative nature of the reigning carriers and large brokers, it is a fair guess that … Read more