Hey #Insurance​ – Ep 121 – Useless work you should stop doing

There’s a very good chance, some of the work you’re doing is absolutely useless and nobody actually ever looks at it!

Hey #Insurance​ – Ep 120 – When you choose your first job you’re signing a lease, not getting married

Recent college grads, especially RMI majors, tend to worry too much about choosing the right first job, the reality is it’s more like signing a lease, not getting married.

Hey #Insurance​ – Ep 118 – How and why to negotiate your salary

Negotiating your salary is crucial and you don’t do it often, so you don’t have a chance to get good at it! On the other hand the HR rep or hiring manager does it a lot more often. Here’s what you need to know!

Hey #Insurance​ – Ep 117 – You are going to lose a key team member in March or April!

March and April are traditionally the busiest months in the insurance hiring calendar. Last year it didn’t happen because of Covid, so we’re expecting a double busy season and that means you’re twice as likely to lose an important team member! How can you prepare?

Hey #Insurance​ – Ep 116 – I don’t feel like an underwriter…

We have call centerized some “underwriting” roles so much, that there’s no actual “underwriting” left in the role. This is a warning to the #insurance industry.