My Winding Path to Insurance

As I reflect back on my path leading into insurance, I should have known from the start that I was built for the industry.  I grew up as a play-it-safe kid who loved to make plans that involved the least amount of risk possible (aka, don’t climb to the top of the jungle gym, don’t … Read more

Why I love Insurance: Mitch’s Story!!

This article originally published on InsNerds. Today we feature a guest article by Mitchell Sharp, Marketing Associate at Workers Compensation .   My journey from being a kayaking guide to the halls of a commercial insurance agency My entire life I have searched out for variety in every aspect of my life. As a child and … Read more

Insurance Allows Me to be Me

I, like most everyone else in the industry, did not intend to make my career in insurance. I spent my undergraduate years on the Ph.D. application track. I kept my GPA high, I took graduate-level courses, and I spent time out of class with my professors to ensure favorable recommendations when I needed them. All … Read more