Why I Love Insurance: Carly’s Story

Today we feature the story of our Co-Founder and Chief Editor Carly Burnham. You’ve read a couple stories from friends of Insurance Nerds about why they love their insurance careers. Today, I will share the story of how I started off in the industry and two of the reasons I’ve come to love it. Like … Read more

Why I love Insurance: Brett’s Story

This article originally published on InsNerds. Today we feature a guest article by Brett McKenzie Wood, Director of Sales at Evosure. I haven’t always worked in insurance, but I have always been a worrywart. I remember nights spent lying awake staring at the ceiling of my childhood bedroom and thinking about different ways to keep … Read more

Why I Love Insurance: Nick’s Story

This article originally published on InsNerds. Like many of you, my path into the insurance field was not a contemplated career decision. I didn’t even really know what insurance was when I was in school. For better or worse, I fell into it. And by “fell”, I mean I fell for the ‘hey, everyone needs … Read more