What Exactly is a Nerdery?

So glad you asked! The best way to describe it is to take our Delorean back to 1901 when Julia Davis Chandler published a little something about peanut butter and jelly.  Better yet, let’s dial the Flux Capacitor to 1927 when H.B. Reese balled up some peanut butter and dipped it into chocolate. via GIPHY Oh wait, … Read more

Preference vs Efficiency

It’s a general fact that insurance is far behind the times as far as technology goes. Many companies are working on updating their systems (though some aren’t) and with that comes a lot of headaches. A rather overlooked headache is that, while transitioning, there are often multiple ways of doing one operation. Employees will often … Read more

A National Summit to Address the Insurance Gap

In news story after news story about last year’s devastating floods, hurricanes, and wildfires, the media shared heartbreaking tales of individuals who were either uninsured or underinsured for the tragedy that befell them. As a result, most disaster survivors are facing a daunting, stress-filled effort to rebuild their businesses, their homes, and their lives without adequate … Read more

The Start-Up Maserati

I should have known when he pulled up and parked his Maserati. I didn’t think we were doing that well. It seemed like an uphill battle, every day, to start a new E&S wholesaler. Seeing the car that day made me second-guess everything. Maybe things were better than I had thought, and we were growing … Read more