Profiles in Risk: E456 – Sharpen Your Personal Branding With Brett McKenzie, Insurance PR, Marketing, Resume, and LinkedIn Expert

Tony chats with Brett McKenzie, Insurance PR, Marketing, Resume, and LinkedIn Expert about her new solopreneur endeavors helping the insurance community communicate better. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have her help with your personal and professional brand! Connect with Brett:

Profiles in Risk: E453 – Eliminating Manual Spreadsheet Reporting For MGA and Delegated Authority Business; Dave Connors, Co-Founder and CEO at DistriBind

Many if not most MGAs function under a delegated authority model, where they are authorized for binding and other carrier responsibilities. This can be a marvelous use of a carriers precious insurance capacity because they can outsource underwriting and portfolio responsibilities to an MGA instead of building it internally. It works especially well when the … Read more

Profiles in Risk: E451 – Managing Extreme Climate Risk With Better (Business) Models; Andrew Engler, CEO, Co-Founder of Kettle

There is no shortage of research and companies looking at extreme climate events to create new and better models that will make insurers better. A team of scientists get together looking to take their wisdom and insights, wrap it in software and go to London, Bermuda and elsewhere to sell that software to companies in … Read more

Profiles in Risk: E446 – Beyond Technical Expertise: How Soft Skills Minimize Engineers’ and Architects’ Professional Liability Risk With Jeff Hirst of Professional Empowerment Institute

Professional Technical Service firms such as engineering or architecture firms have immense professional liabilities. When mistakes get made, people die. Liability exposure is significant and there is a lot of emphasis on becoming more technically competent so that mistakes are minimized. This is part of the “hard” risk management for these firms and the insurance … Read more

Profiles in Risk: E443 – Claims and Legal Unite: Silvia Diaz-Roa, Co-Founder of ClaimDeck, on Building Bridges through Shared Space Platforms

Tony chats with Silvia Diaz-Roa, Co-Founder at ClaimDeck, a cloud based platform that brings the claims professional and the legal professional into a shared space to collaborate transparently and in real-time on claims. Claims litigation has seen little innovation because it requires so much domain knowledge on both the claims and the legal side. ClaimDeck … Read more