Profiles in Risk: E462 – Constructing An Insurance Product & Program From First Principals; Joanne Artesani, Founder & CEO of Sproutr

We joke that insurance isn’t rocket science. But what if it isn’t in a way we hadn’t contemplated? What if insurance is more difficult? Anyone who has stood up an MGA, insurance program or launched an insurance solution knows this. There are so many moving pieces from the overall thesis, to the strategy around underwriting, … Read more

Profiles in Risk: E461 – How To Pick Yourself Up After A Layoff; David Terne of

David and Tony have both been through layoffs in their insurance careers. In this episode they share how they handled the job searches, and attached emotions during difficult times. We’re here for you! Connect with David Terne: LinkedIn  

Profiles in Risk: E458 – Going From Unstructured to Structured (and useful) Loss Runs; Scott Knowles, CEO & Co-Founder at Loss Scan

Loss Runs have forever been and continue to be a mess. Underwriting requires them… Agents and brokers order them… They arrive at the underwriters, who look at them… And they are completely unstructured pdfs that have no standard date sets, no standard terminology. Every company is generating them in their own way and its up … Read more

Profiles in Risk: E456 – Sharpen Your Personal Branding With Brett McKenzie, Insurance PR, Marketing, Resume, and LinkedIn Expert

Tony chats with Brett McKenzie, Insurance PR, Marketing, Resume, and LinkedIn Expert about her new solopreneur endeavors helping the insurance community communicate better. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have her help with your personal and professional brand! Connect with Brett: