Above the Law – The Realities of Insurtech

Our monkey brains guide our bodies through medieval governmental structures while manipulating the technology of the gods. This inherent tension creates endless contradictions, power struggles, and confusion in our world. There is little debate that technology rules commerce. Even governments fail to contain quantum leaps of technology. Uber famously decided to upend the taxicab industry … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E70: Tom Johansmeyer of PCS – Aggregating Catastrophe Data For Industry Benchmarking and ILS Parametric Index Triggering

Subscribe at: Stitcher iTunes Google Play YouTube Buzzsprout RSS Tom Johansmeyer is the Michael Lewis of Insurance. As the head of Verisk’s PCS division, Tom is continuing the PCS tradition of aggregating insured industry losses, and taking that to a whole new level. PCS, globally known for aggregating, weather, earthquake, fire and other natural catastrophes is … Read more