Profiles in Risk: E454 – Reducing Internal Water Damage With Sensor Technology; Yaron Dycian, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at WINT Water Intelligence

Internal water claims are the 2nd (or 3rd) largest source of aggregate loss that homeowners experience after catastrophic wind/hail. It is a significant source of frustration to property owners because losses can be caused by slow, undetectable leaks that over time create the mess. The mess gets even worse for multi-story structures where water can … Read more

PIR 214 – Insurance Innovation with Chris Lowell

Audio Version: Video Version:   Tony chats about Insurance Innovation, Strategy, Careers and many other things with Chris Lowell, Insurance Strategist and Innovation Professional. Autonomous Vehicles: 4 Part Self-Driving Cars series by Matt Perkins: John Bachman’s article:   Blockchain: Pat Schmid podcast episode: Riskblock Alliance:   Books mentioned: Against the … Read more

Above the Law – The Realities of Insurtech

Our monkey brains guide our bodies through medieval governmental structures while manipulating the technology of the gods. This inherent tension creates endless contradictions, power struggles, and confusion in our world. There is little debate that technology rules commerce. Even governments fail to contain quantum leaps of technology. Uber famously decided to upend the taxicab industry … Read more