Purple Ponderings with Pankaj – E3: A Conversation With Matteo Carbone

In this episode we will get some bold advice from Matteo around best practices that he advocates based on IoT adoption in Europe. This interview was recorded at Connected Insurance event in Chicago –  November 20th 2019 CONNECT WITH MATTEO: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matteocarbone/ LISTEN HERE:   PLEASE SUBSCRIBE: Buzzsprout – https://insnerds.com/purple-ponderings-with-pankaj-e3-a-conversation-with-matteo-carbone/ YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk-tMK8a6LBOZxxG0fcSEf5ow2YnH3nAj Apple Podcasts – Coming … Read more

This article originally appeared in AmBest in December of 2016. Recently, I had the opportunity to spend some time in Pittsburgh, PA.  What is exciting about Pittsburgh you might ask? Autonomous Uber Vehicles!  Typically, I drive myself around the city when I am visiting. The last few trips, I’ve been obsessively taking Uber to get … Read more

The How and When the Agency Distribution Channel Will Win the Insurance Distribution War

We’ve all read the industry publications about the rise of the Insurtechs and the legacy direct writers continuing to gain market share as they continue to commoditize all but the large and middle markets of commercial lines insurance.  Personal lines which include home, auto, life and health insurance, along with small commercial, continues to move … Read more

Purple Ponderings with Pankaj – Buzzwords in IoT

In this episode we break down many of the most commonly used buzzwords in IoT conversations. LISTEN HERE ~6.5 min :   

Purple Ponderings with Pankaj – Pilot Episode 01

We are so pleased to add a new podcast to the growing Insurance Nerds Production suite. Pankaj Parashar is CEO of Purple Ant, an insurtech whose mission is to make smart technology ubiquitous in the property space. Purple Ant is helping insurers navigate the minefield of smart devices, how they should be implemented and how … Read more