Profiles in Risk – E175 – Swipe Left, Swipe Right! FindBob on Building A Transition Management Platform

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Roland Chan, Founder and CEO of FindBob. FindBob is solving the problem of business continuity, transition and succession with financial services firms. Agents & brokers can spend a lifetime creating a lot of value with their books of business. FindBob helps them prevent a sudden … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E174: Yanira Borges, CEO of SideKick.Tools on Organizational Effectiveness

“People in an organization are human and they’re messy” – Yanira Borges In this episode of Profiles in Risk, Yanira Borges and I had a spirited discussion about team and business productivity and effectiveness. We discussed how much accountability makes a difference in the productivity of a team and how SideKick.Tools got started. LISTEN HERE:  … Read more

Attachment Point News Roundtable with Amber Wuollet

In this episode of the Attachment Point News Roundtable Broker Brett and Nick Lamparelli sit down with Amber Wuollet, famed Insurance Nerds film maker and the creator of The Insurance Nerdery. Amber, Nick and Brett discuss the upcoming conference season, low-lights, the University of Minnesota’s true colors, Bold Penguin, and much much more. Also: Amber … Read more

Get Ready! with Tony Steuer – E3: Smarter Estate Planning with Chris Hall, Founder of EP Navigator

Welcome to Episode 3 of the GET READY! With Tony Steuer podcast in partnership with Insurance Nerds. In this episode, of GET READY!, I spoke with Chris Hall about the blending of technology with human advisors, strategic partnerships and trends. Chris shared how his firm blends a fintech approach with human lawyers to create a … Read more