Profiles in Risk – E151: Stephen Applebaum on AI, Analytics & The Insurance AI & Analytics Conference

In this special episode of Profiles in Risk, I preview The Insurance Nexus Insurance AI & Analytics USA Conference (May 2 & 3 – Chicago: Use code INSNERDSAI200 to get $200 off) by talking about the upcoming conference with Stephen Applebaum, Conference Chairman & Managing Partner of Insurance Solutions Group. In this episode we discussed: ABOUT STEPHEN – … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E150: Hartford Insurtech Hub 2019 Spring Cohort

On this episode, Carey Anne Nadeau interviews the insurtech startups participating in the Spring 2019 Hartford Insurtech Hub accelerator, powered by Startup Bootcamp. Contact information for the startups are listed below and each will participate in a demo day on April 26, 2019. To attend, RSVP here ( LISTEN HERE:   OR WATCH HERE: 0:47 … Read more