Using AI To Catch AI – Risk & Robots S1E4: Nikos Vekiarides, CEO of Attestiv

When conversations on AI happen, it almost always discusses the productivity gains that will emerge from those technologies. But in insurance, something far sinister may happen…it may make fraudsters more productive as well. How can we know that the image with property or auto damage is actually…property or auto damage? In this episode of Risk … Read more

Making Commercial Trucking Safer With AI – A Risk & Robots Podcast Interview with Stefan Heck, CEO of Nauto

Outward focused cameras on commercial vehicles was innovative technology years ago, especially in adjudicating at-fault incidences where the liabilities can be in the millions of dollars. Nauto is reinnovating the outward focused camera with AI. By embedding AI algorithmic software within cameras economically, Nauto can help drivers avoid collisions by proactively coaching drivers on conditions … Read more

You Have Nothing to Fear (From AI) – But Fear Itself – A Risk & Robots Podcast Conversation with Ben Van Roo, CEO of

With the release of ChatGPT by OpenAI early this year (2023), a wave of excitement and fear has hit society about these AI tools. We are now hearing stories about students who are using these tools to write their term papers, companies using these tools to write their social media posts, and a slew of … Read more

The New AI Podcast: Risk & Robots (E2) – Using AI to Design a Logo & Review of and Note Taking Tools in Zoom

A podcast about AI, made by AI. In the first episode, we used Bard and ChatGPT to help use name the podcast (FINAL: Risk & Robots). In this episode (E2) – we use AI tools to design a logo and we go into a couple of the note taking tools you can find in zoom … Read more