Profiles in Risk – E175 – Swipe Left, Swipe Right! FindBob on Building A Transition Management Platform

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Roland Chan, Founder and CEO of FindBob. FindBob is solving the problem of business continuity, transition and succession with financial services firms. Agents & brokers can spend a lifetime creating a lot of value with their books of business. FindBob helps them prevent a sudden … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E174: Yanira Borges, CEO of SideKick.Tools on Organizational Effectiveness

“People in an organization are human and they’re messy” – Yanira Borges In this episode of Profiles in Risk, Yanira Borges and I had a spirited discussion about team and business productivity and effectiveness. We discussed how much accountability makes a difference in the productivity of a team and how SideKick.Tools got started. LISTEN HERE:  … Read more