Can Insurtech Combat Systemic Racism In Auto Insurance Pricing? There Is Hope.

Research shows that people of color disproportionately pay *70-80% more* than other populations due to their credit score.  While credit score is a factor in pricing auto insurance in most states, this is sadly a one-way street: the payment history of an insured is not reported back to the credit bureau. This means people who … Read more

Profiles in Risk BONUS INTERVIEW – Shannon Shallcross of Pinpoint Predictive

Nick Lamparelli interviews Shannon Shallcross, Head of Client Services at Pinpoint Predictive about predictive modeling and its important function in the Florida Insurance marketplace FULL TRANSCRIPT 1 00:00:00,000 –> 00:00:04,030 …Hi We’re back. We’re at the 2023 Florida 2 00:00:04,030 –> 00:00:09,020 Chamber annual insurance summit in…Disney World. 3 00:00:09,020 –> 00:00:12,565 Orlando, Florida. And … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E491: Playing The Long Game With Technology – a Conversation with Bruce Broussard, Managing Partner of Percipience

“Show me one insurance company and I’ll show you ONE insurance company” – Former Boss Technology has changed more in the past 25 years than it has in the past 250! And most of us wouldn’t be surprised if this acceleration, accelerates! This rapid change has caused havoc in an industry such as insurance that … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E472: Why You Should Do A Podcast Recording For Yourself Every 5 Years – Miranda Elizabeth Joseph

For anyone that wants to see what their personal and professional development looks like, do one of these every five years. Miranda Elizabeth Joseph viewing her original podcast (Episode 131) with us Tony chats with returning Profiles in Risk guest Myranda Elizabeth Joseph. Myranda appeared on the show as a doe-eyed 23-year-old independent insurance agent … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E475: The Evolution of Property Data Continues – Vivek Sablani, CEO of Wizard Analytics

In late 1992, in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew a sinking realization entered into the property insurance market…we didn’t know where our exposures were!…nor had any clue about what we knew about those exposures…even if we had known where they were located!!! (No story quite captures this realization than Michael Lewis’ In Nature’s Casino New … Read more