Profiles in Risk – E170: Jennifer Linton of Fenris Digital on Putting The Customer First

“An insurtech company is like a dog, every year is like 7 years” In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with long-time friend Jennifer Linton, founder and CEO of Fenris Digital.  Fenris enables friction-free applications. With just the name an address of an applicant, Fenris Digital predictively scores & pre-fills applications for commercial, personal … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E169: All About Captive Insurance Companies With Aaron Gordon of Gordon Insurance Services

“No left turns! No reverse!” Risk management is all about being proactive in the management of risk. Rather than being a victim, risk management allows companies (and individuals) the opportunity to engage, learn and implement strategies that reduce injuries, losses and ultimately the expenses associated with those, including insurance costs. In this episode of Profiles … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E167: Teaching Employees to be Safe, With Blaine Hoffmann, Podcaster and VP of iReportSource

Delays to the treatment of injured employees makes that ultimate treatment more expensive. Educating employees on workplace safety and how technology can help employers and employees aggressively tackle injuries and treatment was the subject of my conversation with Blaine Hoffmann of iReportSource. LISTEN HERE: OR WATCH HERE: CONNECT WITH BLAINE HOFFMANN: LinkedIn – The SafetyPro Podcast … Read more