Profiles in Risk – E167: Teaching Employees to be Safe, With Blaine Hoffmann, Podcaster and VP of iReportSource

Delays to the treatment of injured employees makes that ultimate treatment more expensive. Educating employees on workplace safety and how technology can help employers and employees aggressively tackle injuries and treatment was the subject of my conversation with Blaine Hoffmann of iReportSource. LISTEN HERE: OR WATCH HERE: CONNECT WITH BLAINE HOFFMANN: LinkedIn – The SafetyPro Podcast … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E165: Preventing Internal Water Damage with AIsling Carlson of Flo Technologies by Moen

It’s amazing, but internal water damage causes more insured losses each year than fires. Frozen pipes, ruptured hoses, and even small leaks (mold and unseen property losses) cause billions of dollars in property damage each year. Luckily we are in the advent of a new period where technology can come to the rescue. In this … Read more