MGA Excellence: AM Best and Performance Assessments of Delegated Authority – (Assignment of Benefits Podcast S1E10) )

The episode of The Assignment of Benefits Podcast features Dawn Walker from AM Best discussing delegated authority, her background in risk management, and the performance assessment methodology for underwriting authorities, emphasizing transparency and innovation in the insurance sector. 💳 AM Best, with a 125-year history, focuses on providing transparency in the insurance market through credit … Read more

Insuring Against Litigation: Demotech, 4Warn, & the Battle Against Florida’s Litigation Surge Abuse (AoB S1E8)

Is the insurance crises in Florida due to bad insurance practices or litigation abuse. In this episode, Nick discusses the topic with Todd Kozikowski of 4Warn and Joe Petrelli of Demotech (a national insurance company rating agency) Introduction – Quick overview of Demotech’s history and its critical role in rating insurance companies. – Introduction of … Read more

The Critical Importance of Rating Agencies: Joseph Petrelli, CEO of Demotech (AoB S1E3)

Insurance company Rating Agencies perform a critical and yet, underappreciated function to society. As an impartial 3rd party, Rating Agencies evaluate insurance companies for their ability to pay future claims and remain solvent. Now the ability to pay future claims depends on a large part to the amount of assets and surplus an insurer has … Read more