Profiles in Risk – E70: Tom Johansmeyer of PCS – Aggregating Catastrophe Data For Industry Benchmarking and ILS Parametric Index Triggering

Subscribe at: Stitcher iTunes Google Play YouTube Buzzsprout RSS Tom Johansmeyer is the Michael Lewis of Insurance. As the head of Verisk’s PCS division, Tom is continuing the PCS tradition of aggregating insured industry losses, and taking that to a whole new level. PCS, globally known for aggregating, weather, earthquake, fire and other natural catastrophes is … Read more

Introducing Computer-Aided Design for High-Value Risk Transfer

A Brief Introduction to the High-Value Risk Space High-value risk is everywhere.  Some high-value risks are visible and obvious – iconic skyscrapers looming above our cities; wide-body commercial jets flying overhead in their approach patterns; cargo ships docked in port and waiting to be unloaded.  Other high-value risks – cyber risk; product liability; contingent business … Read more

Profiles in Risk – Episode 34: David Wright and I Discuss Careers In Reinsurance & Broker Disintermediation

  OR SUBSCRIBE If you are reading this or listening to the podcast, you can thank Dave. I decided to try blogging (and subsequently decided to try podcasting) because I read one of Dave’s blog articles. We discussed blogging, podcasting, and studying for actuarial exams. Oh and Dave is a reinsurance broker, a partner at … Read more