Fresh from the Grid: Learning from Utilities

(This is the first in a two-part series from David Sussman) Similar Industries  For decades, both the insurance and utility sectors have been cornerstones in the lives of homeowners. As heavily regulated, well-established industries, they’ve long been viewed as essential, non-negotiable services. People need electricity just as they need protection from unforeseen events.  The landscape … Read more

Insurance & Underwriting: Catalysts for Environmental Progress in the Oil & Gas Industry

Over the past five years, North American oil and gas operators have increasingly implemented technology and best practices to improve their environmental credentials. Environmental responsibility is no longer a political decision – it’s business.  For example, differentiated gas with credentials attached to specific molecules has been sold for a premium to downstream buyers. Other industries, … Read more

Changing the Way You Think About Money – The Get Ready Blueprint: Week 5 – Organize Your Financial Documents

(NOTE: We will use Fun Financial Fridays as a way to provide insights on how financial and money professionals think about, lecture on and practice financial discipline. These posts will follow Tony Steuer’s Get Ready Formula and we will provide a summary of his weekly recommendations from this 52 week workbook titled The Get Ready Blueprint – … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E471: Incentivizing Clean Fossil Fuel Production Using Insurance – A Conversation with Project Canary

We insurance professional often boast about how society would stop if it weren’t for (us 😉) insurance. Well, we have seen this play out recently and in real time, when insurance companies began united to stop the backing of projects related to fossil fuels. This of course, was unrealistic for both society and insurers (who … Read more

Profiles in Risk: E446 – Beyond Technical Expertise: How Soft Skills Minimize Engineers’ and Architects’ Professional Liability Risk With Jeff Hirst of Professional Empowerment Institute

Professional Technical Service firms such as engineering or architecture firms have immense professional liabilities. When mistakes get made, people die. Liability exposure is significant and there is a lot of emphasis on becoming more technically competent so that mistakes are minimized. This is part of the “hard” risk management for these firms and the insurance … Read more