Profiles in Risk: E468 – Modern Sales & Marketing Using Digital Technologies; Ema Roloff, Co-Founder & Principal Roloff Consulting

Buyers and the buying process has dramatically changed in the past two decades. Buyers are so much more sophisticated and well versed because of all of the research they can do themselves online. Strangely, sellers have not changed strategies for engaging with and getting commitment from buyers. The sales process is especially difficult in the … Read more

Profiles in Risk: E444 – Finding Your Client’s & Prospect’s Pain Points Using Technology. Elliot Bassett, Co-Founder at Rocketship Ventures Launch

Tony chats with Elliot Bassett, Co-Founder at Rocketship Ventures Launch, a software platform that helps a producer walk through their sales process using an assessment based process. It’s super efficient and gives them a variety of ways to differentiate theirselves in the marketplace. It provides an objective scoring mechanism you can share with the client … Read more

What Makes YOU Valuable?

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels It is staggering how many times I have asked CEOs, founders, leaders, and employees at all levels, “what makes YOU valuable, to whom and why?” and either get a stammering nonsensical type answer or a blank stare.  As organizations, and those who work within them, having everyone answer these questions quickly and … Read more