Five Ways to Add Value That Do Not Cost You a Penny!

As a consumer of insurance, I am tired of hearing about how every carrier can save you hundreds of dollars on your insurance.  If this is true, if you switch often enough, insurance should theoretically be free… shouldn’t it? There is no perception of value when all that is communicated is the price! Consumers may … Read more

The Attachment Point: Slackchat #1

With a little inspiration from 538 and frequent Insurance Nerds contributor, Rob Galbraith, we’re trying something new!  We love the interactivity of our podcasts, but as busy insurance professionals, we were finding it hard to find time to connect.  Starting today, you can expect a recurring series of posts titled The Attachment Point to appear on or around Thursday … Read more

Work From Home is Great – but Don’t Lose the Team

Those of us at Insurance Nerds are huge advocates for Work from Home opportunities.  However, arguments tend to center on what Millennials want and the increased productivity of working at home. There is a potential shadowy side to this in-demand perk: losing a sense of camaraderie. Part of me wonders if this is really what … Read more