Argentina, Maine, and San Diego… embracing a flexible work anywhere team. One Gen X agent’s take on remote work

As a forty-something Gen X guy, I stand in the middle of the more traditional mindset about what a working environment should be and the up-and-coming generation who have a very non-traditional view of how, when, and where to work. Our team has been operating in a remote capacity full-time now for four years. It … Read more

Behavioral Psychology & Employee Performance

A version of this article originally published in Carly’s monthly column on Best’s Review. We are all well aware of the challenges of recruiting and retaining Millennial talent in the insurance industry.  One of the specific challenges that we have is likely related to the changes that have happened in our entry level roles. Over … Read more

We Need To Talk About Our Call Centers

This article originally published at Tony started his career in insurance at the same place where most of our Millennials are starting theirs, in the call center. In his case, it was a Farm Bureau claims call center in their beautiful suburban campus in West Des Moines, Iowa. He didn’t know it at the … Read more

Harnessing Alternative Skills in the Insurance Industry – A Wake-up Call

This article originally appeared on Those of us who have worked in and around the commercial Insurance industry understand that it has a great responsibility to society. Without insurance, trains wouldn’t leave the terminal, power stations wouldn’t produce electricity, sports events wouldn’t happen, banks wouldn’t open – day-to-day life would simply cease to function as people cannot afford to bear … Read more