Transforming Insurance’s Appeal to Young Professionals – Evolving The Narrative (PART 2 of 3)

Changing how we talk about careers in risk (This is the 2nd in a 3 part series from Will. Part 1 can be located HERE) As a sector, the entire insurance ecosystem has been hit particularly hard by the war for talent. While salaries and upward mobility in insurance have remained extremely attractive, there is … Read more

Profiles in Risk: E463 – Employee Benefit Plans on Steroids; Jordan Peace, Co-Founder & CEO of Fringe

Let’s think outside the box for a second. Employee benefits is a critical component of an employees compensation, which is a carrot to attract and retain them. What if, beyond just the standard health insurance (and other supplementary offerings), there were more options? What if things like Uber, AirBnB, Spotify memberships and more were available? … Read more

Profiles in Risk: E461 – How To Pick Yourself Up After A Layoff; David Terne of

David and Tony have both been through layoffs in their insurance careers. In this episode they share how they handled the job searches, and attached emotions during difficult times. We’re here for you! Connect with David Terne: LinkedIn  

Profiles in Risk – E434: Solving The Talent Gap in Risk Management with Joseph Zaarour, Founder of iSolvRisk

Tony chats with Joseph Zaarour, RMI grad and Founder at iSolvRisk. Joseph is attempting to solve insurance risk management’s biggest, hairiest most-difficult problem: talent! And they’re doing it in an incredibly creative way. Don’t miss this fascinating episode! Joseph Zaarour:… iSolvRisk:     TRANSLATE with x English Arabic Hebrew Polish Bulgarian Hindi Portuguese … Read more

Hey #Insurance​ – Ep 117 – You are going to lose a key team member in March or April!

March and April are traditionally the busiest months in the insurance hiring calendar. Last year it didn’t happen because of Covid, so we’re expecting a double busy season and that means you’re twice as likely to lose an important team member! How can you prepare?