The Thing CEOs Care About and What it Costs Them

On my podcast I recently interviewed two former reinsurance CEOs: Bart Hedges who ran reinsurer Greenlight Re and Ted Blanch who built EW Blanch into a billion dollar company before selling it to what is now Aon. These companies have radically different cultures, one a sales company and one an underwriter. But in my conversations … Read more

Location Independence

One of the biggest challenges in insurance is that we sell an intangible product.  Customers are purchasing Peace of Mind.  Because of this intangibility of the product, the insurance industry has been built on trust and relationships. Customers purchase from agents who seem knowledgeable and trustworthy. Agents depend on carriers to protect their reputation in … Read more

How to Build Camaraderie in a Call Center

Many companies utilize contact centers for customer service, technical support, and resolving concerns. The insurance industry is no different, with the majority of property and casualty claims being handled over the phone. Contact centers are organized to efficiently meet customer service objectives, with employees scheduled for business activities to meet those customer needs. A typical … Read more