BI Worksheets Suck!

Sure, call me Captain Obvious.  I have yet to meet someone who talked about how much they love filling out or helping a client complete a Business Interruption (BI) Worksheet.  Over the years, I have found two major issues with BI Worksheets, as I will discuss further below. Despite their general dislike, these forms are … Read more

Are you sure you understand Extra Expense coverage? Expense to Reduce vs. Extra Expense

The term “Extra Expense” is often misused in the context of a commercial property claim. More importantly, Extra Expense is often improperly estimated and accounted for when placing coverage. A complete understanding of Extra Expense may eliminate unnecessary premiums. Conversely, a thorough understanding of Extra Expense coverage may allow coverage gaps to be filled that … Read more

A Simple Guide to Analyzing a Workers’ Compensation Risk

Workers Compensation Insurance is a unique niche within the insurance industry.  It is a niche that, for those within the industry, can be very interesting and offer immense opportunity.  The uniqueness of each business is one aspect that makes workers’ compensation different from other areas within the insurance industry.  Each business has its own unique … Read more

Understanding Named Insureds and Additional Insureds

Today we continue our series helping personal lines insurance professionals seeking to make the move to commercial lines. In the past we’ve written about Business Income, Worker’s Compensation/Employer’s Liability, Coinsurance and the Basics of Commercial Lines Insurance. What is the difference between a Named Insured and an Additional Insured? If you’ve ever been asked to … Read more