Claim Declination and Reservation of Rights Letters

This article originally published on Bill Wilson’s awesome Insurance Commentary, republished here with the author’s permission. This particular article is an excerpt from his upcoming book When Words Collide, published by Insurance Nerds. The first rule in the claim resolution process is to never accept an oral declination of coverage. It’s not only a bad idea, it’s … Read more

Latency Catastrophes – Will There Be Another Asbestos?

  An underwriter can be deemed the wizard of the insurance industry, peering into his/her magic ball to ensure they are well-positioned to react to a culture shift in an ever-changing market.    Bob Reville delved into these proverbial underwriting powers as he wondered what the next “latency  catastrophe” may be in his article, “The … Read more

The Job of Underwriting and the Next Asbestos

This article originally appeared here and we at Insurance Nerds think all of our readers would benefit from the insights in it. Thanks to Praedicat for permission to republish. We recently did a survey of some of our customers and out of all the answers to the survey, the one that has stuck with me the … Read more