Are you sure you understand Extra Expense coverage? Expense to Reduce vs. Extra Expense

The term “Extra Expense” is often misused in the context of a commercial property claim. More importantly, Extra Expense is often improperly estimated and accounted for when placing coverage. A complete understanding of Extra Expense may eliminate unnecessary premiums. Conversely, a thorough understanding of Extra Expense coverage may allow coverage gaps to be filled that … Read more

A Simple Guide to Analyzing a Workers’ Compensation Risk

Workers Compensation Insurance is a unique niche within the insurance industry.  It is a niche that, for those within the industry, can be very interesting and offer immense opportunity.  The uniqueness of each business is one aspect that makes workers’ compensation different from other areas within the insurance industry.  Each business has its own unique … Read more

The (Non) Lessons Learned from Hurricane Irma

“We go out in the world and take our chances, Fate is just the weight of circumstances, That’s the way that Lady Luck dances, Roll the bones… Why does it happen?, Because it happens Roll the bones” Roll The Bones – Rush   Here are many of the (non)-lessons I have learned from Hurricane Irma. … Read more

Top Insurance & Risk Issues as Start-Ups Hit Maturity

This article originally published on Over the past two decades, the growth of Entrepreneurship has blossomed and independent spirit of thinkers, innovators, and movers and shakers has redefined the American business landscape.  There have always been small businesses – usually family-owned and operated – but these businesses remained small.  Today’s start-ups have a zeal for … Read more