Broker Brett and Patrick West on The Attachment Point Roundtable

In this episode Broker Brett and Patrick West discuss Total CSRs sneaky fun YouTube podcast with Justin and Jordan Goodman, and Broker Brett’s upcoming business interviews in Orange County.  Pat and Brett also discuss APIs coming to maturity, and the intelligent use of big data as the next innovation wave.  They get into ACORNS insurance … Read more

The Attachment Point News Roundtable | Juniper Labs

In this episode of The Attachment Point News Roundtable, Nick Lamparelli and Broker Brett interview Lance Poole and John Stevenson about their new InsurTech startup, Juniper Labs. Lance and John’s company is a revolutionary open-source data commercial insurance underwriting platform, it is just 6 months old, and it’s already making a ton of positive noise … Read more

The Return of The Hanley in This Episode of The Attachment Point with Brett Fulmer!

Attachment Point News Roundtable with Alex Maffeo of Boost Insurance

Broker Brett and Alex Maffeo discuss the implications of APIs, the changing face of InsurTech (insurance technology), and the Insurance ecosystem as a whole. They also get into InsurTech Connect, a monster of an Insurance Technology conference going on in Vegas 9/23 – 9/25, what it means to be a leader, and they reflect on … Read more

Attachment Point News Roundtable with Amber Wuollet

In this episode of the Attachment Point News Roundtable Broker Brett and Nick Lamparelli sit down with Amber Wuollet, famed Insurance Nerds film maker and the creator of The Insurance Nerdery. Amber, Nick and Brett discuss the upcoming conference season, low-lights, the University of Minnesota’s true colors, Bold Penguin, and much much more. Also: Amber … Read more