The Attachment Point Roundtable – Brett & Nick Rap On The Uber-ization of Insurance & Startup Sales

Brett & I catch up on insurance startups, the difficulty of biz development and sales, and the uber-ization of insurance. WATCH HERE: MENTIONED: Rob Galbraith Tweet on Uber-ization: Anthony Iannarino – Jeb Blount: Profiles in Risk Podcast w/ Michael Porpora: Profiles in Risk Podcast w/Sasha Dewitt & Carey Anne Nadeau:

The Attachment Point Roundtable – Catching up With Abel Travis

In this episode of The Attachment Point, Brett and I catch up with Abel Travis of AF Group and host of the Insurance Innovators Unscripted podcast. We talk, what else, innovation in insurance. Plus, Brett makes good on our bet and puts on a…gulp… Red Sox hat. Connect with Abel: Abel’s podcast – Insurance … Read more