The Ep 6: Where Are Women Winning? (with Margaret Resce Milkint)

On the I talk to Margaret Resce Milkint about the data initiative she is chairing to quantify the state of women leaders in insurance, rather than rely on anecdotes. The survey deadline is August 31 and results will be released October 23. In order to register,  company representatives should send an email to (there is no online … Read more

The Golf Course – E4: Paul Tetrault, Executive Director of The Insurance Library of Boston

I’ve invited Paul Tetrault to join me on The Golf Course. Paul is the Exec Director of the Insurance Library, A hidden gem of information, resources and knowledge about the evolution of insurance products and new innovations, spanning back 132 years. LISTEN HERE: OR WATCH HERE: CONNECT WITH PAUL: LinkedIn – The Insurance Library … Read more