The Vowels of an Ultimate Claims Experience – U = Understanding

Our good friend Patrick Kelahan put together a Christmas Wishlist.  And on his wishlist was our remaining vowel.

Wouldn’t you know, but there it was underneath my Christmas Tree, the “U”


By using our skills of listening, caring, and empathizing, we can truly understand our customer.  What they’re going through.  What’s the root cause of their problems.  What we can do about it.

And if you stick around until the end of this episode of the Insurance Nerdery, you may get a bonus vowel in your stocking!

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The Vowels of an Ultimate Claims Experience – O = Ownership

As we continue going through the Vowels of an Ultimate Claims Experience, I’ve touched on a previous video talking about the “O”


During a trip to Cincinnati, I was preparing a speech to a graduating class from the IAPath certification program.  One of the topics I was touching on was this exact thing.

Ironically enough, I had some issues with my travel the day before the speech. 

My experience could have dramatically changed had the individual I dealt with took a page from The Disney Institute

The Disney Institute has a core principle that says:

It’s not your fault, but it is your problem

Yes, in claims we deal with all kinds of situations where someone else’s actions put us in a tough spot.  But how we respond to that situation makes all the difference.  And that could be a huge difference for your customer and their experience. 

I let you in on my misfortune during this trip and talk about how my experience could have changed with a slight tweak, in this episode of The Insurance Nerdery.

The Vowels of an Ultimate Claims Experience – I = individuality

We’ve talked about Anticipation.  We’ve talked about Expectation.

This week we hit up Individuality as we continue on our journey of an Ultimate Claims Experience.

We touched on it in the last couple of videos.  Claims professionals could end up handling thousands of claims through a career. 

This could be dangerous if we go claim to claim or policy to policy.

We need to think about the specific needs for THIS customer. 

Yes, the Golden Rule says treat others as we would be treated.  But that doesn’t mean that’s how we should treat THIS customer.

The Vowels of an Ultimate Claims Experience – E = Expectation

As we continue on with the Vowels of an Ultimate Claims Experience, this week we chat about the big “E”

And for you NASCAR fans out there, we’re not talking about Dale Earnhardt.

We’re talking about Expectations.

I truly believe that expectation setting will be the most important vowel we’ll talk about.

If we do it well, we have all of the control.

If we don’t do it or don’t do it well, we have zero control.

There are a few things we do need to keep in mind when setting a customer’s expectations.  So let’s jump into those in this episode of The Insurance Nerdery.