The Vowels of an Ultimate Claims Experience – A = Anticipation

In a previous video about ownership, I mentioned a talk I was giving to graduates of the IA Path program.  That talk centered around what I dubbed The Vowels of an Ultimate Claims Experience. 

But I only touched on one of those vowels.  So with my next few videos, I’m going to be going through the rest of the Vowels.

This week, the Insurance Nerdery jumps into the A:  Anticipation.

As a Claims adjuster, you may handle thousands and thousands of Claims over the course of a career.

This could do two things to us.  First, it may force us down a path of going through the motions.  Obviously, this is bad. 

Second and more importantly, it can give us the experience to recognize the hurdles and pitfalls our customers may face. 

We can then use this insight to help our customers navigate the waters of the Claim process.

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