An Introduction To Strategy for Insurance Executives

Every insurance company (companies operating within the insurance ecosystem, so this can include carriers, brokers, TPAs, MGAs, insurtechs etc.) I have come across believes that they have a strategy and are executing a strategy. And almost every single time, I beg to differ with the presenters, and that is very hard to communicate. It’s like … Read more

Risk & Robots Podcast – Episode 3: Creating a Logo and Color Palette Using AI

In this episode, the hosts explore the use of AI in logo creation and brand color selection, emphasizing the need for human input in the creative process. They also discuss the potential of AI note-taking apps and live coaching in meetings. Join us to learn about the exciting intersection of AI and creativity! (this summary … Read more

The Dichotomy of Home Equity: Climate Change’s Varied Impact on High Net Worth vs. Middle-Class Americans

This blog post originally appeared in Building Financial Resilience to Climate Change. In the grand spectrum of wealth distribution in America, the significance of home equity varies starkly between high net worth individuals and the middle class. While both demographics attach considerable importance to their property holdings, the impact of climate change unravels a distinct … Read more

From Montreal to Paris to today

Contrasting the Triumphs of the Montreal Protocol and the Challenges of the Paris Accord. In the annals of environmental diplomacy, two landmark agreements stand out as beacons of hope in the fight against global environmental threats: the Montreal Protocol of 1987 and the Paris Accord of 2015. Both agreements aimed to address pressing issues endangering … Read more

The Mindset Shift The Insurance Industry Doesn’t Know It Needs

(This article was written by Josh Levine, CEO of Cake & Arrow – where it first appeared) 10 years ago, Cake & Arrow pivoted its strategic focus from e-commerce to insurance and financial services. It’s been an incredible journey of discovery, exploration, and experimentation. We’ve seen a lot over that time – 140+ projects with … Read more