The Launch Guide – Part 3

This is a continuation of the Launch Guide Parts 1 and 2 Monitor and adjust – Once you’ve got your jigsaw puzzle of partners, approvals, and technology in place, it’s really just the beginning. A good MGA or program administrator will vigilantly monitor their book of business and adjust to meet their short- and long-term … Read more

Why Producer Level Web Forms are Important to the 21st Century Insurance Agency – and What They Should Include

In my last Insurance Nerds article, I made two bold statements regarding DMCOs (Digital Marketing Co-Operatives).  They were: In the world of Digital Marketing it is understood that whoever controls the lead data wins. As quote & bind web forms become more common place for the individual insurance producer, leads vendors will become obsolete and … Read more

Are You Trustworthy?

When you look in the mirror, do you see someone that is trustworthy? Would your clients, friends, family, competition, and connections on social media say the same thing? Be honest! Besides that feeling in your gut, how do you know? Have you ever asked someone if they thought you were trustworthy? Have you ever told … Read more

Michigan Takes on PIP

Michigan’s No Fault Personal Injury Protection coverage was launched 45 years ago to reduce lawsuits and lower insurance premiums. As auto insurance premiums continued to skyrocket Michigan to the highest auto premium cost in the United States, the public has continued to rally for change. But what does change look like? How can decades of … Read more

The Launch Guide – Part 2

No man is an island – There are many advantages to being an InsurTech intermediary. It’s probably the business structure that has the least amount of regulatory friction, while allowing you to control a book of business. However, a key challenge you’ll face as an intermediary is forging partnerships with partners that will permit your … Read more