Innovate or Die Innovation and disruption is the hot topic at hundreds of insurance conferences around the world. And now it’s starring in its very own rating proposal. On March 14, 2019, insurance rating agency AM Best released a draft of a proposal to include innovation as a factor in its rating score. In this episode of … Read more

The Millennial Broker’s Foresight

My mother has been a New York State Life-Accident-Health licensed insurance broker for as long as I have been alive, with a career in Employee Benefits spanning over 30 years. She helped her groups survive the tumultuous arrival of ACA and regularly outmaneuvers the likes of shiny new-fangled benefits software and online DIY benefits programs. As … Read more

Risks Emerge and Competition Increases in Underwriting Markets Where Stakes are High  

Complex challenges, emerging risks, litigious behaviors and adverse selection has posed unique opportunities to the insurance function of Underwriting. More specifically, property and casualty (P&C) insurance underwriting in the Florida marketplace presents underwriters and underwriting leaders to think about risks and hazards in a whole new approach. In Florida, major perils that have traditionally and … Read more

Robots Are Taking Over

Insurance. Technology. Innovation. Robots named Anna. This episode we take a look back at InsureTech Connect 2018 – what carriers need to know about working with insurtechs, what they need to show their customers, and how we’re all being replaced by robots. Sort of. Featuring the inspiration behind the “InsurTech Wannabe” music video and a … Read more