Why I Wanted to Quit Insurance

I wasn’t born into the insurance industry so I had no idea what to expect when I accepted an underwriting operations role. I hated it. I was completely lost and out of my element. But then something changed and I found my place in a once foreign world. In this week’s episode of The Insurance … Read more

Insurance and Paper Towels

An Open Letter to Everyone Writing About “Disrupters” and the Insurance “Customer Experience” and Citing “Industry Experts” and “Top Insurance Executives”   For the love of God, please, please, PLEASE stop comparing buying insurance to buying a consumer product on Amazon! Case in point from an “industry expert”: “What’s holding most insurers back from meeting the … Read more

Do Your Employees Know Your Story?

Every business is different. The question is, do your employees know why, how you are different, and can they tell that story effectively? Many within your own company may not be able to tell your story effectively. They may not know your genesis, what you believe in, who you wish to serve and how you … Read more