Profiles in Risk – E441: How Agents & Brokers Can Generate Better Business Results With Insurtech. A Discussion with Caden Bialy, CEO of AgentsTech

In this episode, Tony chats with Caden Braly, CEO at AgentsTech. AgentsTech is an insurtech consulting firm that helps independent insurance brokerages while uniquely bringing together technology consulting and business consulting. Dear agency, what’s keeping you up at night? AgentsTech can help and they GET insurance because they grew up in our industry and still … Read more

Revitalizing Connections at Insurtech Insights

Those who know me are aware that a significant portion of my professional life had revolved around travel. From 2009 to 2020, I constantly found myself either relocating to another state or country, or boarding a plane for business meetings and conferences. The last three years  I vividly recall a conversation with my former boss … Read more

What is Commercial Insurance and When Might You Need It

The Origin of Modern Insurance What we think of as Property Casualty Insurance has its roots in marine insurance, Lloyd’s of London was founded by Edward Lloyd at his coffeehouse on London’s Tower Street in 1688.  The “coffee shop” was popular with sailors, shipowners, and merchants, and Lloyd catered to them with the most up-to-date … Read more