Born2Lead – Lesson in Leadership

I have been truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to lead so many great insurance professionals over my 40-year career insurance. My formula for becoming a leader is the sum of my own stories and experiences.  Not the experiences in the leadership roles I held, but more from being led by people that … Read more

How to Embrace Soft Skills and Reduce Rejection in 2021

It kind of sounds like a come-on for a dating site, doesn’t it?   It isn’t. It’s for readers in sales and advisory professions—and may have a unique application to insurance and investment advising. It applies to both veterans and novices, those who have books of business, streams of referrals, legions of people coming to … Read more

CanSpam Laws & How easy it is to violate them

I love SPAM I truly love Spam!  Fried in a skillet, on bread with mustard makes a tasty but unhealthy meal!  But that’s not what I want to talk about.  I’m talking about the other SPAM.  Unwanted marketing emails we all get every day. What makes this discussion so important is SPAM is excluded under … Read more