Transforming Insurance’s Appeal to Young Professionals – Evolving The Narrative (PART 1 OF 3)

(This is the first of series from guest contributor Will Alverson) The insurance sector, often misperceived as an antiquated industry, has grappled with serious recruitment challenges in recent years. As a critical backbone of the global financial system, it’s surprising to many that insurance companies face difficulties in drawing fresh talent into their ranks. One … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E460: Creating Ultra-HighRes Vegetation Mapping For Better Wildfire Defense; Gus Calderon, Co-Founder of FireWatch

Vegetative fuel models are a vital component for wildfire stakeholders in understanding the frequency and severity of wildfire events. It is the fuel models which allow us to simulate events and study how a wildfire will behave under certain circumstances. Wildfire spread is highly correlated with the density of vegetation and the combustibility of that … Read more

Profiles in Risk: E455 – The Wolf of Allstate; How Andrew Filar (CEO of Peachy Insurance) Build A Multi-Million Dollar Book of Business With Allstate in 3 Years

Unlike products which people willingly pay for and will wait in line for (Apple phone, concert tickets, Tesla), insurance products need a thorough sales and marketing dragging effort to get the customer to buy. Let’s face it, no one gets excited about buying insurance. This is why distribution might be the most critical function of … Read more

Profiles in Risk: E442 – Rod Powell, Author of Black Pioneers of the American Insurance Industry

Tony chats with Rod Powell, insurance agent and author of “Black Pioneers of the American Insurance Industry: The Biographies of Five Outstanding Black Entrepreneurs and the Lessons of their Legacies”. We absolutely love author interviews and this one really blew us away!                 Rod Powell:… Black Pioneers … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E441: How Agents & Brokers Can Generate Better Business Results With Insurtech. A Discussion with Caden Bialy, CEO of AgentsTech

In this episode, Tony chats with Caden Braly, CEO at AgentsTech. AgentsTech is an insurtech consulting firm that helps independent insurance brokerages while uniquely bringing together technology consulting and business consulting. Dear agency, what’s keeping you up at night? AgentsTech can help and they GET insurance because they grew up in our industry and still … Read more