The New AI Podcast: Risk & Robots (E2) – Using AI to Design a Logo & Review of and Note Taking Tools in Zoom

A podcast about AI, made by AI. In the first episode, we used Bard and ChatGPT to help use name the podcast (FINAL: Risk & Robots). In this episode (E2) – we use AI tools to design a logo and we go into a couple of the note taking tools you can find in zoom … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E470: Generative AI to the Underwriters’ Rescue; Alex Schmelkin (CEO) & Jane Tran (COO) of SixFold

We have heard about AI for years (decades?). But it wasn’t until ChatGPT lurched onto the world stage earlier this year that AI was on everyone’s mind. Text based AI tools are becoming common technological staples right up there with search. The new word that can out of the ChatGPT launch was the word “generative”. … Read more

Profiles in Risk: E649 – Using Game Simulation to Improve Selling Capabilities; Sindre Halaal – Founder & CEO of SalesScreen

We love games and games do a heck of a lot more than just an opportunity to have fun and pass the time. Games and game like simulation has all of the following benefits: Increased engagement, motivation, and productivity. Improved learning, knowledge retention, and personal growth. Behavior change, habit formation, and customer engagement. In this … Read more

Profiles in Risk: E468 – Modern Sales & Marketing Using Digital Technologies; Ema Roloff, Co-Founder & Principal Roloff Consulting

Buyers and the buying process has dramatically changed in the past two decades. Buyers are so much more sophisticated and well versed because of all of the research they can do themselves online. Strangely, sellers have not changed strategies for engaging with and getting commitment from buyers. The sales process is especially difficult in the … Read more

Profiles in Risk: E466 – Insurtech Advances in Ocean Marine, Freight & Cargo Insurance – Taylor Walker, CIO of LoadSure

Tony chats with Taylor Walker, Chief Insurance Officer at LoadSure, they are making waves for insurance brokers in the market. Data-powered AI-pricing for freight insurance. In the past, a piece of complex business in the ocean cargo market would take a couple of days (or more than a week), with LoadSure it can be immediate … Read more