Build vs Buy – A Debate and Discussion On How To Create and Optimize A Decision Criteria (WEBINAR RECAST)

(This is a recast of the LIVE webinar hosted by Insurance Nerds, and sponsored by ProNavigator) The webinar discusses the critical decision-making process of whether organizations should build or buy technology solutions, emphasizing the importance of differentiation, talent management, and understanding organizational DNA to make informed choices. [00:00]( Discussion on the importance of deciding between … Read more

How To Retain & Attract Knowledge and Talent In The Insurance Industry (Webinar Rewind)

On Leap Day, 2/29,2024, Insurance Nerds hosted a LIVE webinar Titled: “How To Retain & Attract Knowledge and Talent In The Insurance Industry”. The webinar discussed the importance of attracting and retaining talent in the insurance industry due to an impending talent deficit. The panel highlights the need for collaboration, apprenticeship programs, and a more holistic approach to career growth within the industry. They also emphasize the importance of intentionality in creating engaging remote work experiences for employees.

On the panel were:

Marguerite Tortorello
Joseph D’Souza (CEO of ProNavigator)
Tony Cotto (NAMIC)
Jeffrey Rice (Wayne Coop)
Tony Cañas (Insurance Nerds & Goodwin Recruiting)



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