Changing the Way You Think About Money – The Get Ready Blueprint: Week 7 – Update Your Home Inventory 🛁 🛌 📺 💻 📠

(NOTE: We will use Financial Wellness Fridays as a way to provide insights on how financial and money professionals think about, lecture on and practice financial discipline. These posts will follow Tony Steuer’s Get Ready Formula and we will provide a summary of his weekly recommendations from this 52 week workbook titled The Get Ready Blueprint – A 52 Week Guide to Changing the Way You Think About Money. This is a true workbook with areas to pencil in responses, habit and journaling.)

  • In week 1️⃣ you should’ve set your North Star, your mission to financial competency
  • In week 2️⃣, you should’ve defined your goals and priorities
  • In week 3️⃣, you should match you goals to the life stage you are preparing for
  • In week 4️⃣, a plan gets put in place for Life Events (such as divorce, disability etc)
  • In week 5️⃣, Tony walks readers through the importance of how to Organize Your Financial Documents 
  • In week 6️⃣, Tony discusses the importance of decluttering your financial documents…when to hold onto, and when to dispose of documents.
  • Here is week 7️⃣, Tony helps you think about how to capture the value of all of your property contents

(Nick) Your value of your home inventory is likely much higher than you expect. When moving across the country, i had 3 moving companies provide estimates of the move. All 3 firms were within $5,000 of one another when it came to my total valuation. Surprisingly, all 3 were many multiples higher than I expected. I had a TV (or maybe 3) a couch (or maybe 3), a desk (or maybe 2), a bike (nope…3). I had been reporting my contents value on my renters policy to be $20,000 when it was really > $75,000!!! I had never really done a proper inventory. It doesn’t take much to do one and Tony has a wonderfully easy plan for you to goal around in his book

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Nick Lamparelli is a 20+ year veteran of the insurance wars. He has a unique vantage point on the insurance industry. From selling home & auto insurance, helping companies with commercial insurance, to being an underwriter with an excess & surplus lines wholesaler to catastrophe modeling Nick has wide experience in the industry. Over past 10 years, Nick has been focused on the insurance analytics of natural catastrophes and big data. Nick serves as our Chief Evangelist.

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