A Brief Interview With Andreas Kleiner, CEO of American Modern Insurance Group (Connected Claims 2019 Conference Speaker)

As part of the Connected Claims conference being hosted by Insurance Nexus, we have been conducting a series of brief interviews with speakers and/or presenters from this conference. In the third and final in the series, we asked Andreas Kleiner, CEO of American Modern Insurance Group, about his work and session at Connected Claims. (Insurance

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Let’s HUG it up!

User group conferences are a great resource to better understand tips, tricks and best practices of a product. However, there is so much more to these gatherings. At this year’s Hawksoft User Group (HUG) Conference in Las Vegas, we could see this first hand.  Hawksoft President & CEO Paul Hawkins was in attendence.  But he

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Five Ways to Add Value That Do Not Cost You a Penny!

As a consumer of insurance, I am tired of hearing about how every carrier can save you hundreds of dollars on your insurance.  If this is true, if you switch often enough, insurance should theoretically be free… shouldn’t it? There is no perception of value when all that is communicated is the price! Consumers may

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