GET Ready for 2024! Week 2️⃣ : Define Your Goals & Priorities

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✅ Week #2 Action Item: Define your goals and priorities

👉 Financial success requires thinking about your goals first.

👉 We often think about the financial product first.

👉 Consider what you want to accomplish and then see what product will help you achieve our goals.

👉 Set your goals with the SMART principles + priority.

  • Specific: What do you want to accomplish? Being specific makes the goal achievable.
  • Measurable: How much do you need? This allows you to easily determine if you are meeting your goal.
  • Achievable: How can you accomplish this goal? This defines if the goal is realistic.
  • Relevant: Can you (and will you) meet this goal? Rele- vance makes sure that the goal really matters to you and aligns with the rest of your financial life.
  • Time-bound: When do you need to complete this goal? Having a target date gives you a deadline to focus on.
  • Priority: How important is this goal? Assigning priority helps you decide which goals to focus on.

⭐️ Pro-tip:

  • Setting goals and priorities will give you a clear mission for your financial journey.

💭 Habit of the week:

  • Think about whether a financial product fits your current needs.

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