Get Ready! Money Pros Guide – Week 9️⃣: Are You Talking To Your Family About Money?

Ready to hop into this week’s Get Ready Update? Let’s go!

✅ Week #9 Action Item: Have a family financial meeting.

👉  This week, have a financial meeting with your family. This is a great way to review and communicate your goals, priorities and intentions with your spouse (or domestic partner) and your kids.

👉  If you’re single, have a meeting with an accountability partner.

👉  Communicating with family members about finances keeps everyone on the same page. Including your kids will help them get an early start with their financial literacy.

  • ⭐️ Pro-tip:

👉  Schedule your family financial meeting with a clear agenda and purpose, so it will be productive. Because discussions about finances can be emotional, a meeting plan will allow everyone to more easily stick to the script.

💭 Habit of the week: The Get Ready Habit that you can focus on this week.

👉 Have a conversation with a family member or accountability partner about money.

💡 Get Ready Money Guide Tip: Discussion prompts and ideas for those following The Get Ready Guide Kit (access from your dashboard)

👉 What positives came of your family financial meeting or accountability meeting?

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Get Ready Webinar: Your Team

Are you talking to your family about money?

Having open and honest conversations is what leads to personal and financial success.

Communicating with your family members ensures that everyone knows what each other’s wishes are and make sure that you’re all on the same page.

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You’ll get the lowdown on how to have a have a family financial meeting.

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