Insuring Tomorrow

Insuring Tomorrow:
Engaging Millennials
in the Insurance Industry

The book to solve the Insurance industry’s talent crisis

  • Only 4% of Millennials are interested in an insurance career, we MUST do something
  • This bestseller has a 4.9 Star rating on Amazon
  • We offer bulk discounts for companies and industry organization buying multiple copies

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Really enjoyed your book (Insuring Tomorrow)! As a frequent employer of Millennials, I found it very useful.

Kyle Babirad President & Actuary at Canary Consulting

Provides insurance executives a compelling call to action with genuine passion for the industry.

Jim Caragher, CPCU, CIC CEO CIB Group

Must read for all the Baby Boomers and Xers, the Millennials I associate with are super engaged & highly motivated - time to stop bashing and embrace the talent that is before us.

Bronson Justus General Manager - Major Broker in Australia

Every insurance CEO should read this! This is a quick read that every industry leader should study. Understanding how to engage Millennials is key to business success.

Gregory P. Jacobson CEO Jacobson Group

Insuring Tomorrow is not only the best thing written about Millennials in the Insurance industry, it's the best thing I've read on Millennials in the workplace period.

Bill Wilson, CPCU CEO of

I am reading your book right now and it is brilliant!

Jeff Arredondo Commercial Insurance Broker

Any who care about the future of the insurance industry, especially those who are involved in talent management and recruiting should read this book.

Andrew Katz, CLCS Sales Leader

Having spent 10 years in the insurance industry as a millennial, this book had many great points that resonated with me. I've often found myself adapting to the approach of boomers as they predominantly control the industry but this book shows the other side of the equation. It is a great quick read that applies as much to other generations as it does millennials. I would recommend it for anyone in a leadership position looking to better understand the talent pipeline and future landscape of the industry. The insurance industry is a fascinating, stable, and can provide significant career opportunities; this book helps articulate that value to the next generation of aspiring leaders!

Eugene Doctorov Claims Manager

I read "Insuring Tomorrow" and I couldn't put it down. Great, quick read chock full of enlightenment for a non-millennia. Thank you for all you are doing in the industry! You and your work are impressive.

Abbe Sodikoff SVP Recruiting

An entirely relevant, necessary and essential read for leaders in insurance. The best book on understanding culture since Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers,

Jeremy Weyrauch Sales Executive

Really enjoyed Insuring Tomorrow by Carly Burnham and Tony Canas. Their research, knowledge and insight into our next generation of professionals in our industry was enlightening and thought provoking. A great read for the leaders of our industry as we prepare for the next group that will take the reins of the insurance business. For those not in the insurance business, there are many transferable insights for engaging the next generation in any business segment.

Tom Sholl AVP Middle Market Business Develpment

This is an incredibly well written book about a serious problem. Tony and Carly have clearly done their homework and their analysis and advice can be a game-changer. This is an essential book for all Insurance Hiring Executives.

Lance Polikov CEO Polikov Recruiting

I have read "Insuring Tomorrow" and it is excellent! I have recommended that ALL leaders in my company read it. I am a Gen Xer and yet many of the changes you suggest we make for Millennials would be exciting to me as well. Thank you!

Julie Graff Regional Operations Leader

Tony, just finished reading Insuring Tomorrow. Thank you to you and Carly for sharing your insights. I have so many passages highlighted, starred, and earmarked that I felt like I was back in college! I am excited to share the book with our senior management and am ordering a copy for each of them today. Cheers to all Insurance Nerds!

Marcella Smith Vice President of Human Resources

I read Insuring Tomorrow in one sitting during a flight to London. It is truly outstanding!

Steve McElhiney, CPCU President EWI Re - Past President CPCU Society

Essential reading for insurance executives to compete in the way for talent.

Rob Galbraith, CPCU Director of Property Underwriting

I finished the book a couple weeks ago. You guys did a fantastic job! Well played and found it very insightful, so much so that I have already bought seven additional copies and gifted five of them.

Kevin Grudzien Forensic Accountant | Property Insurance Expert | Claim Preparation Consultant | Speaker | Author

Insuring Tomorrow puts forth a compelling argument not only for hiring Millennials, but actively looking to adjuster your company to fit them. Starting with a thorough handling of the "why" behind the Y Generation, Tony and Carly paint a portrait of their generation that is vivid and complete. There's no time to think it through, workshop it, or wargame it. We need to implement and implement now.

Patrick Wraight, CIC, ARM, CISR, AU, AINS Director of Insurance Journal Academy of Insurance

Read the book, chock full of good insight and information.

Mike Lincoln Regional Sales Executive

Understand Why We Are in a Talent Crisis

Only 4% of Millennials want to work in insurance and the US Department of Labor is predicting we’ll need to hire 400,000 of them in the next decade. More than 50% of the insurance industry’s current workforce is retiring.

Learn How The Millennials Were Raised

Millennials were raised very differently from the Baby Boomers currently running the industry. Understand how and why they’re different and how those differences manifest in very different communication styles.

Apply Several Tactical and Strategic Solutions

Learn many solutions that you will enable your company to recruiter, engage and grow its Millennial and Gen Z employees.

Learn About Gen Z

Figuring out Millennials is just the beginning, you need to start preparing for the next generation which started graduating college in 2017. In some ways Gen Z is hyper Millennial and in other ways they are very different. Start preparing now!

About the Authors:

Tony Cañas, CPCU, MBA

Tony Cañas is a young insurance nerd, blogger, podcaster, and speaker. He’s the voice of the Millennial generation in the insurance industry, helping the industry understand how to engage this large demographic that will soon make up over 50% of the workforce.

Tony was born and raised in Costa Rica and moved to the US in 2002, receiving his BS in Management Information Systems and MBA both from Iowa State University. He has been in the insurance industry since 2009. During that time he has completed his CPCU,
AU, AIC, ARM, ARe, ASLI, API, AIS and AINS designations along with his Toastmaster’s Competent Communicator and Advanced
Communicator Bronze public speaking designations. Having
worked in claims, underwriting, finance, and sales at four different insurance carriers, six cities, and five states, he has gained a broad understanding of the industry.

Tony has been very involved in the industry’s effort to recruit and retain Millennials and has become a well known speaker and blogger on the topic.

Tony’s favorite activity in the world is presenting his one hour session about Engaging and Retaining Millennials in the Insurance Industry. Tony shows up in his superman shirt, red sports jacket,
and red shades and entertains and informs the audience in this unique-in-the-industry interactive experience. On average, 80% of the audience rates the presentation as “Very Good” or “Excellent” in the live survey at the conclusion.

In the last few years, he has presented it at the CPCU Society Leadership Conference in Phoenix; the CPCU Society Annual Meeting in Anaheim; the Ohio Insurance Education Day in Columbus; RISC Trends in Richmond, Virginia; the NAMIC Personal Lines Conference in Chicago; and in a variety of local CPCU Society Chapters.

He has been featured by “The Edge,” the national magazine of the CPCU Society; the newsletter of the Iowa CPCU Society; American Agent & Broker; and was named as one of the “Top Young Agents
of 2013″ by PropertyCasualty360.

Tony is passionate about insurance, technology, innovation, and about engaging Millennials in the insurance industry.

You can view more about him on his Linkedin Profile:

Carly Burmham, CPCU, MBA

Carly began her insurance career in 2004 as an office assistant at an agency in her hometown of Duluth, MN. She got licensed as a producer while working at that agency and progressed to serve as an office manager. Working in the agency is how she fell in love with the industry. She saw first hand the good that insurance consumers experienced by having the proper protection.

When Carly moved to Des Moines in 2010, she decided to commit to the industry, and she completed her CPCU in one year, finishing it in 2012 and attending commencement in New Orleans. She completed her MBA at Iowa State University in 2014. During this
time, she and Tony founded a Gen Y Associate Resource Group at Nationwide in Des Moines.

After they both left Nationwide, Tony recruited Carly to co-author and manage She has the difficult task of keeping his
constant flow of crazy ideas focused and helping to flesh them out into useful articles. Carly enjoys sharing knowledge and ideas about the future of the industry and finds the website a good outlet for this passion.

Carly is currently a Commercial Underwriter at Erie Insurance, in Erie, PA. She is involved in the Presque Isle CPCU Society Chapter; the CPCU Society New Designee Committee; the CPCU Society Underwriting Interest Group; the CPCU Society Leadership and Managerial Excellence Interest Group; and the Commercial Underwriting Training Program at Erie Insurance. She also writes “Next Wave,” a monthly column in the “Perspectives” section of Best’s Review.

You can view more about her on her Linkedin Profile:

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    Tony started in insurance in 2009 and immediately became a designation addict and shortly thereafter a proud insurance nerd. He has worked in claims, underwriting, finance and sales management, at 4 carriers, 6 cities and 5 states. Tony is passionate about insurance, technology and especially helping the insurance industry figure out how to retain and engage the younger generation of insurance professionals. Tony is a co-founder of and a passionate speaker.

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