Manager Tools License

We are HUGE fans of Manager Tools and Career Tools. They have graciously allowed us a limited intellectual property license to some of their property.



Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement (“License”), Manager Tools LLC (“Manager Tools”) grants to INSNerds, LLC of 4115 Wood Hills Drive Erie PA 16510 (“INSNerds”) the following non-exclusive, limited, non-transferrable and revocable license to the following Manager ToolsIntellectual Property:

Copyrighted Materials:  Rights to publish, only through the INSNerds website limited guidance and references to Manager Tools “Thank You Notes” podcast materials consistent with INSNerds’ current use.  Use of these materials on the website will be accompanied with an easily visible “© Manager Tools LLC, used under license from Manager Tools LLC” located near the materials.

Registered Trademark:  Rights to use the Service Mark “Map of the Universe®” (“Mark”) only through the INSNerds website when referring to a computer website interface similar to the Manager Tools interface shown at  Use of the Mark will be accompanied with an easily visible “Map of the Universe® is a Registered Service Mark of Manager Tools LLC, used under license from Manager Tools LLC” near use of the Mark.

Manager Tools reserves all other rights to the above and other Manager Tools Intellectual Property.

This License is granted with the conditions that:

  1. Use of the Intellectual Property will be accompanied with the above copyright and trademark attributions.
  2. Use of the Intellectual Property will be consistent with INSNerds’ current use and will not reflect poorly on the image or reputation ofManager Tools.
  3. Manager Tools may revoke this License at any time and for any reason.