Insurance Nerds Day 2019 in Dallas, TX

Insurance Nerds Day 2019 will be on September 28, 2019 in Dallas, TX!

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For YEARS, we have dreamed of a different type of Insurance Conference…

We had a vision, and we didn’t want to compromise it.  What were we hoping for, you ask:

  • Half a day of “TEDx*-Style” Speakers: 7 to 15 minutes featuring BOTH industry veterans and some exciting early career nerds.
  • Half a day of Learning Labs: hands-on skill-building sessions featuring the experts of the Insurance Ecosystem from many different disciplines.
  • Single day on a Saturday, so you don’t need vacation time!
  • Central location, so you can buy your plane tickets and still pay your student loans!
  • Affordable, even without employer support. Tickets will be only $99, not the hundreds of dollars most insurance conferences cost.
  • Lots and lots of valuable networking!

Register now for only ! Join us in Dallas in 2019. If you’re only going to be there for Saturday’s Insurance Nerds Day make sure to choose the second option for .

We are grateful to Gamma Iota Sigma who heard our vision and didn’t ask for a single compromise!  Gamma Iota Sigma shares the goals of Insurance Nerds in promoting insurance education and preparing the future generations of insurance professionals for rewarding and engaging careers.  We are so excited to partner with them, and we hope to see many of you in Dallas!  Share the news with your friends and carpool in if you like!

*While TED allows independently organized conferences under the TEDx brand, they do not allow them to be focused on a single industry so TEDx Insurance will never exist. This conference is not organized under the TEDx brand, it’s simply an insurance conference that partially uses some of the features that the incredible TED and TEDx conferences have shown to create engaging sessions.

Register Now – Make sure to choose the second option for 9.


8 to 8:30 am – Breakfast

8:30 to 8:45 am – Welcome and Opening

8:45 to 9:15 am Opening Keynote:

Chris Jarvis

Best selling author, speaker on transformational entrepreneurship Chris Jarvis will be our opening speaker!

9:15 to 9:30 am – Roll Call Skits

9:30 to 9:40 am – Break

9:40 to 10:20 am – Learning Labs Session 1

Christopher Killeen – The Power of Personality Awareness and Integration Across Teams.

Chris recently retired after a 26 year career in the US Air Force. He brings a wealth of leadership and development expertise from every level culminating in command of USAF’s only global squadron spanning 21 operating locations.

John Willemsen: Autonomous Vehicles – Are we ready?

Nickquolette Barrett – Career Mindset Shift: Become the CEO of Your Career and Thrive.

Author of “You’re Hired” book series, career & interview prep coach and long-time insurance leader.

10:25 to 11:05 am – Learning Labs Session 2

Stephen Goldstein – What’s Changing in Life Insurance

Tony Canas – The First Five Years – How to rock your early career

Paul Tetrault – Taking the Long (and Slightly Skeptical View) on Insurtech and Innovation

Executive Director at The Insurance Library.

11:10 to 11:50 am – Learning Labs Session 3

Bill Wilson – When Words Collide: Resolving Insurance Coverage and Claims Disputes

Insurance legend and guitar fanatic Bill Wilson. Author of “When Words Collide” and hundreds of technical insurance articles and classes.

David Stamatis – Understanding Program Business

David brings 10+ years at all sectors within E&S insurance.

Alicia Gross – The Steering Wheel of Insurance: Product Management

Alicia has 13 years of insurance experience in the critical but misunderstood area of insurance product management.


12 to 12:30 pm – Networking Lunch

Nerdy Nano Talks

12:30 pm
Shawn Michael Walker

Bobbie Shrivastav

Bill Wilson

Precious Norman-Walton

Joseph Palumbo

Taryn Haas

Granton Clem

Josh Shuck

2:30 to 3 pm – Closing Keynote

Amber Wuollet

Passionate insurance nerd, former underwriter, insurtech marketing leader and co-host of The Insurance Nerdery channel on YouTube.

Happy Hour!

Travel Information:

Dallas is the headquarters of American Airlines and thus a cheap city to fly into.

Several of us are staying at the Best Western Market Center which is VERY close to the conference and currently running at around $100 a night. We don’t have a room block or anything, but it is cheap and close by! Click here to book the hotel.