MGA Excellence: AM Best and Performance Assessments of Delegated Authority – (Assignment of Benefits Podcast S1E10) )

The episode of The Assignment of Benefits Podcast features Dawn Walker from AM Best discussing delegated authority, her background in risk management, and the performance assessment methodology for underwriting authorities, emphasizing transparency and innovation in the insurance sector. πŸ’³ AM Best, with a 125-year history, focuses on providing transparency in the insurance market through credit … Read more

An Introduction To Strategy for Insurance Executives

Every insurance company (companies operating within the insurance ecosystem, so this can include carriers, brokers, TPAs, MGAs, insurtechs etc.) I have come across believes that they have a strategy and are executing a strategy. And almost every single time, I beg to differ with the presenters, and that is very hard to communicate. It’s like … Read more

Get Ready Money Pros: βœ… Week #26 Action Item: Quarter 2 Reflection

βœ… Week #26 Action Item: Quarter 2 Reflection – Take a deep breath and think of all that you accomplished. – It’s important to take time to reflect on positive progress, challenges overcome, and celebrate your wins. – Reflect on your progress with the Get Ready Habits. – The Get Ready Habits empower you to … Read more

The Hidden Costs in Tech Development: Understanding TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)

Welcome to the exciting world of tech development! You may have already experienced the thrill of brainstorming innovative solutions, tackled integration challenges, and implemented an insurtech product. As you expand the implementation and fine tune it, there’s a crucial concept to understand: Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Think of TCO as the complete financial picture … Read more

Empowering Agencies with Big Tech: AgencyBloc’s Innovation in Insurance (Profiles in Risk E557)

In this episode of Profiles in Risk (E557), Nick Lamparelli speaks with Tim Robinson and Corey Schmidt from AgencyBloc to delve into the transformative journey of their technology platform. As a CEO with extensive experience in software solutions across various industries, Tim Robinson shares his transition from web development to creating a comprehensive system designed … Read more