Why I Don’t Believe in Disintermediation of Insurance Brokers

This article originally published on InsNerds.com Or Why Brokers Won’t Be Disrupted   Middlemen (an example being brokers) add cost to a product without changing it. What’s not to hate about that? It’s an old insight: over history no economic agent is more loathed than the middleman (called an intermediary in the jargon). In the … Read more

Profiles in Risk – Episode 17 Interview with Bob Reville, CEO of Praedicat

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My Night with InsNerds

I was among those fortunate to spend an evening with Tony Cañas, Carly Burnham, and Nick Lamparelli at the InsNerds.com Inaugural Meetup in Philadelphia PA on 6-9-17. It turned out to be a most memorable event! As a millennial, whose socialization is heavily technology driven, my communication with Tony had been done through various electronic platforms. … Read more