Insurance Paradise

2017 Update: A much better version:   I watched too much Glee this week and I was sitting at the office today with Coolio’s masterpiece Gangster’s Paradise stuck in my head and I just couldn’t help myself. Here’s my absolutely awful version of Insurance Paradise! (Listen at your own risk, I have no voice, no … Read more

Doing CPCU on a Budget

We’ve written a lot about why you should start CPCU today and how to do it because most of us are very lucky to work at carriers and agencies that are willing to pay for CPCU, but if you happen to work for a smaller agency or a carrier that doesn’t pay for CPCU, there … Read more

Insuring the Future of Personal Transportation

Auto Insurance Today For over 100 years personal auto insurance has worked in roughly the same way. Policies are written for each vehicle protecting both the vehicle and the owner in case of accident, theft or other damage. This simple system has worked well because the world of transportation remained somewhat stable. Cars are mostly owned … Read more

Understanding Named Insureds and Additional Insureds

Today we continue our series helping personal lines insurance professionals seeking to make the move to commercial lines. In the past we’ve written about Business Income, Worker’s Compensation/Employer’s Liability, Coinsurance and the Basics of Commercial Lines Insurance. What is the difference between a Named Insured and an Additional Insured? If you’ve ever been asked to … Read more