Write Better Job Descriptions to Attract Millennials

This chapter later got adapted into a chapter of our Best Selling Book – Insuring Tomorrow: Engaging Millennials in the Insurance Industry. Get your copy here!   As Baby Boomers start transitioning into retirement, insurers and agencies are struggling to attract Millennials to replace them. One of the causes of the problem is the industry’s … Read more

Perfecting Your Handshake in 7 Easy Steps

You can tell a lot from a person’s handshake, especially how confident they are. Having a proper handshake is a huge part of your first impression and can have a resounding impact on your career, so it is absolutely crucian that you get it right every time. My favorite career resource, Manager Tools has a … Read more

8 Steps to Beat All 8 CPCU Exams

2019: New video to accompany this article Now that we got you excited and you’re ready to start CPCU today, here’s some guidance on how to actually get it done and survive the tests. This article is lovingly dedicated to “those poor souls studying for the CPCU designation”. Please keep in mind that doing CPCU … Read more

11 Reasons to Start CPCU Today

This article was featured in Hey #Insurance Episode 9:   Gain the knowledge you need to truly understand the overall Property Casualty Insurance Industry at a high level. Get access to membership in the CPCU Society both Locally and Nationally which will open up amazing networking opportunities with the leaders of our industry. Only 4% … Read more