8 Forces That Will Change The Insurance Industry – Part I

The insurance industry is in a unique place right now, something akin to the calm before the storm. There are multiple changes in the world, especially when it comes to technology and innovation that are about to rock the boat and bring serious changes and we wanted to write an article taking at least a … Read more

7 Ways to Engage Your Millennial Employees

2017 Update: We ended up writing a book about this topic and it quickly became a best seller. More info here.   Tony has been very active in the industry efforts to recruit and retain Millennials in the insurance industry. He led the session on the topic at the 2014 CPCU Society Leadership Summit in … Read more

7 Ways Tiny Satellites will Completely Transform Insurance

Planet Labs, a tiny Silicon Valley company, that started out of a garage has successfully launched 28 tiny satellites, a thousand times smaller and cheaper than traditional satellites and will have have a full constellation by the middle of 2015. They will be able to take a high resolution picture of the entire planet Earth … Read more

4 Cornerstones for a Strong Brand

This was the very first guest article to ever be featured on InsNerds. By Steve Foster, Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young – Global Insurance Underwriting Practice. Cornerstones for a strong brand for today’s Insurance Professional The insurance industry serves a major purpose for the public. [tweet_dis]#Insurance contracts are often overlooked by consumers who blindly … Read more

8 Necessities for Young Professionals

With the holidays upon us, you might be thinking of gifts for the people in your life. Maybe you’ve got a young person who is just starting their career, or maybe you are a young professional wondering if you’re missing anything you should have that can help you along the way. We’ve made a list … Read more